Affordable Driveway Pavers

Your driveway, the point of entry to your home, is the first criterion that contributes to form an impression of your home. It speaks of your taste, your social status, and above all of your personality. The simple act of laying driveway pavers is merely the culmination of a skilled process of planning, design and decision-making. At Affordable Driveway Pavers, we commit ourselves to finding the best solution for your home, at the most affordable price.

You can trust your paving contractors

paving contractorsIn our several years as a paving company, we have learned how to not only listen to our clients’ requests but also how to understand their dreams, and then we proceed to turn them into reality in the most economical manner possible. For us, the creation of a driveway is much more than the act of laying down a few paving stones. Each driveway becomes a work of art, conceptualized to suit your wishes as well as to suit the aesthetics of your home and neighborhood. Thus, it requires some investment of time on the part of your paving contractors, as well as patience, communication and cooperation. A driveway done in stone pavers can, and should, be as much of a property design enhancement as any other component of your home.

For example, for a concrete driveway paving we would first discuss the best look for your land, the cost of paving, the many benefits of concrete driveway pavers, and also the way a certain paving stone driveway might look leading into your walkway or patio pavers.

As paving contractors, we cater to each type of client. While some prefer traditional flagstone pavers, others are fond of more creative designs. Yet others prefer their paving company to do something entirely unique and creative, just for them. With us, you are guaranteed a patient hearing, and a long and productive discussion to explore your desires before we begin to create a paver driveway that you will love.

Choosing the paving stone

Driveway pavers come in various materials. Brick and concrete pavers are proven value for money items, while flagstone pavers create an antique, aristocratic look. Replicas of natural stone driveways are also available, and are barely more expensive than the cost of concrete driveways. As a paving company, we survey your land and help you choose what is best for you, your home and your finances.

Brick and concrete are easily available and affordable. While brick pavers are more resistant to heavy loads and retain their color longer, concrete pavers are more weather-resistant and allow for greater variety. However, this does not mean that your brick driveway is condemned to traditional paving patterns – more and more new patterns like herringbone and parquet are making themselves available to paving contractors every day.

Concrete pavers have an immense versatility, since their size, shape and color can all be controlled in the manufacturing process. A concrete driveway also costs much less than one made of brick, but can replicate the look of any natural stone – brownstone, bluestone, limestone etc.

Westboro Driveway Pavers are among the favorites in driveway paving. With prompt service, durable products and a smile always on the ready, we keep our doors open to welcome you.